Thursday, October 23, 2008

Strategies For Coping With Stress

  1. Begin living now.
  2. Stop living in the future/past.
  3. Stop asking to be rescued.
  4. Stop waiting until and marking time.
  5. Write a journal of your daily activities, thoughts and moods.
  6. List your successes.
  7. Listen to feedback from others.
  8. Set goals realistically.
  9. Make friends with people who like themselves.
  10. Think positively.
  11. Learn what is and what is not controllable in your life.
  12. Enjoy leisure.
  13. Be honest about how you feel.
  14. Express yourself.
  15. Read about human growth.
  16. Figure out ways to achieve your goals.
  17. Stop collecting people with problems.
  18. Learn to accept what you cannot change.
  19. Stroke yourself.
  20. Practice self-expression.
  21. Let other people run their own lives.
  22. Think to solve problems rather than depending on "magical powers."
  23. Get acquainted with happy, successful people.
  24. Expect to enjoy your relationships.
  25. Develop your personal talents.
  26. Give yourself permission to be afraid of failure and succeed.
  27. Encourage gentleness in yourself and others.
  28. Play.
  29. Face life with dignity.
  30. See people as individuals.
  31. Protect yourself from unsafe situations.
  32. Do something exciting.
  33. Organize your work, focus on one task at a time.
  34. Take some time off.
  35. Go more frequently where you will get what is good for you.
  36. Practice being alert.
  37. Listen to the sound of your voice.
  38. Take a nap.
  39. Stop letting things drift.
  40. Make your environment comfortable
  41. Get enough rest.
  42. Stop talking about your miseries.
  43. Stop looking for someone to blame.
  44. Stop reflecting on things that didn't work out.
  45. Analyze your issues, figure out what can be done and then take some immediate action.
  46. Exercise regularly.
  47. Ask for help in a straight forward way.
  48. Talk about your strengths.
  49. Practice good posture.
  50. Control your food input, eat nutritionally.
  51. Stop assuming others can't along without you.
  52. Dress in a way that feels right for you.
  53. Get involved with friends.
  54. Share yourself with friends and significant others.
  55. Stop using self-defeating ways to feel satisfied.
  56. Stop feeling good only when doing for others.
  57. Start sharing responsibilities.
  58. Listen to people.
  59. Start really caring about people.
  60. Seek out good friends.
  61. Compromise occasionally.
  62. Make decisions.
  63. Stop being always available for running errands.
  64. Give people a break.
  65. Take a chance. . .risk.
  66. Let go of what is lost.
  67. Stop being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  68. Keep your body clean.
  69. Get and give a massage.
  70. Avoid excessive noise.
  71. Engage in religious activity.
  72. Redefine your priorities.
  73. Find out what you're good at & enjoy doing it.
  74. Stop letting people push you around.
  75. Take some steps to straighten out a problem in your life right now.
  76. Learn to ask for what you want.
  77. Encourage others to take responsibility for their own welfare.
  78. Remember you are grown up.
  79. Redecorate your home/room.
  80. Get into loose fitting clothes at home.


Counselor ,Student Support Services Department UTP

Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to contact us?

There are two ways to contact us through contact detail given:

'We Call You'

You can email us telling that you need to talk on your desired date, at chosen time. Remember to state your contact number for our referrence. Please be alert with the hotliner service schedule posted. Or you can also, inform us by calling, then we will call you later at your chosen time.


'You Just Call Us'

Just call us at the contact number stated. Your calling will be appreciated.

you are our SIBLINGS and FRIENDS.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What is utphotliner?

Generally, utphotliner is a program under the UTP Counseling & Student Development Unit and hotliners are a group of volunteers of Peer Helpers. We dedicated to help others through interpersonal interaction by phone with the aim of providing the required basis for achieving excellence.

We also provide you the easiest ways to contact the counsellors. Do share with us your feeling any about
the achievement, happiness, sadness, loneliness, relationship and emotion. We'll listen to you, the sharing sessions are CONFIDENTIAL.
We are here to listen, to explore, to help sort out problems and uncertainties, or just to talk.

Do Call Us or
We'll Call You